I was drowning in a melody

that run free,

but I smiled as I sank deeper

the happiness that embedded

by curious heart,

I lost the grace of oxygen

when I found your lips,

but I exhaled ice

and inhaled the mint of freedom,

and my heart run free,

just like the melody

that chased my mind

till I became invisible to the earth


I found myself,

when I touched her hands,

something about them,

encircled them,

gathered memories of joy,

like an album gifted me

by the sun


I was falling of an eternal cliff

but reborn with a pure eminence,

the beauty within emanated

when she stepped forward

with the swagger of the stars,

I was falling fast,

but my soul laughed at the burning shadows,

a light fell upon my world

when she spoke her name

into my presence,

a breathe of life,

and happiness, like summer

became a being,

a friend I hadn't seen for long


I collided with fallacies,

fairies a reality far beyond reality,

but my heart didn't care,

it pardoned the dreams with care,

watched on with excitement

with the truthful cinema of my eyes,

never before did I know my heart

could soar above the winds,

I crashed with floating dreams,

but my heart proclaim them righteous,

because it smiled,

since she came,



the adrenalin of a bright fondness

pushed me of the top of a skyscraper

without a parachute,

and I laughed,

never before had I laughed with

a perfect shine,

the perfection she gave me,

when she came,

she gave me a reason to live,

now my soul runs free,

a feeling I can't explain

limitless with happiness,

and the earth bears witness

that she was the one.

                                                 By Kakraba Afful

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