Never hesitate in showing kindness. Not only men but also animals under go miserable conditions. Little acts of kindness relieve them from misery. Let us see how Abraham Lincoln was kind to men as well as animals. He loved animals.

As president of the united state America Lincoln led the union forces in the civil war. Although he fought on side against the other, he did not have slightest hatred or anger towards the enemy.

He was once in a visit to some hospital tents where wounded soldiers of both sides were lying. As he went near one of the tents, one of his men said, ``Mr. President, you needn’t go in there. They are enemy prisoners’’. ``Then that is just where I want to go,’’ said Lincoln. He went in and shook hands with every one of the enemy prisoners.

`` How can you speak kindly to your enemies’’. An elderly woman once asked him, ``W hen you should really be destroying them?’’ Lincoln looked at her and said, `` Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?’’

On Friday, 14 April 1865, Lincoln was busy arranging for the cease-fire. ``Let there be no killing or changing of people’’, he told his officers, `` Enough lives have been destroyed already’’.

Late that afternoon he and his wife went out for a ride. `` My mind is so peaceful now’’, he said to her, `` I have done a lot of work today to finish up the war’’.

That night as he was seated in the president’s box at the theatre, watching a play, a man named Wilkes Booth, a half-mad southerner, entered the box and shot president.

The next morning, between seven and eight O’ clock, he passed away. ``Now he belongs to the ages,’’ said one of the men who were standing by.





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