Whenever we hear the name of Adolf Hitler, it brings a sudden rush of thoughts into our mind. He is definitely one of the most puzzling personalities in history. Many of us wonder how a simple Austrian born boy became the Fuhrer of Germany. Most of us are familiar about his biography and victories, but only a few people know the real connection Hitler had with the occult. He influenced the whole world with his ruthless tactics and to influence such a vast crowd Hitler used the help of supernatural forces. In this article we study about the occult side of Hitler and how he changed himself from a lonely boy to one of the most feared man in history.


Occult generally means secret or hidden knowledge. This secret knowledge may be related to magic, astrology, deities, or other paranormal forces. This mysterious knowledge is acquired by performing occult rituals.

Born With A God's Face

Hitler was born in 1889 and in the same year an artist named Franz Von Stuck painted a portrait of a god, sitting in a horse across a landscape. The god had a clipped mustache and the hair was combed over the left brow. After many years when this portrayed was discovered, it resembled Hitler so much that everybody thought that it was actually Hitler but when it was drawn Hitler was only a few days old. I don't know whether it was a coincidence but he definitely lived his life God like.

Demon Possessed Childhood

Hitler spent his childhood days in the streets of Vienna. During this time period, there was an occult group called "The Order Of The New Templars", which used "Swastika" as their symbol and Hitler came in contact with them. He was a Roman Catholic but after joining this group, he started to hate  Christianity. He started to experience Satanic trances and during these trances his face would become sinister and pale and he spoke in a hoarse and raucous voice. During this period he developed a strong hatred against the Jews. There are clear indications that Hitler was possessed by demons during his childhood. Some historians believe that he was a victim of ritual abuse but one thing is sure that he was so influenced by this occult group that he created a new "Swastika" flag for his Nazi party in the future.

Wodan Worshipper

Wodan or Woden is an Nordic god, who is also a "god of destruction." Hitler was obsessed with Wodan worship and he believed that he heard the voice of the Nordic god, telling him that he was the "Messiah" of Germany. The voice also told him to kill all the Jews and this madness led him to kill innumerable Jews and offering their burnt bodies to the Nordic God. August Kubizek, a friend of Hitler had written in his book "The Young Hitler I Knew" that he had seen Hitler speaking as if some other being spoke out of him. In his book Kubizek had also written that he had seen Hitler walking as if he was lead by some invisible force and he had also seen Hitler screaming and shrieking at night.

Believer In Occult Astrology

Hitler was an ardent believer in Astrology. He kept some secret astrologers with him. The most famous of his astrologers was Karl Ernst Krafft. In the year 1939 on November 8, Hitler was to participate in an anniversary celebration but an explosion at the podium killed 9 of his men but Hitler escaped death because of the astrological predictions made by Krafft. He had predicted that, according to Hitler's horoscope he would be in great danger between the 7th and 9th of November 1939, and he might be assassinated using explosives. Belief in occult astrology saved the life of Hitler many times.

The Aryan Master Race


The Aryan master race theory was developed by Hitler. Hitler believed that the real Aryans were the Europeans and their characteristic features were blond hair and blue eyes. From his occult studies, he learnt that the true Aryan race is an demigod race which originated from an Greek god. He believed that the homeland of Aryans was the Atlantis and they still live in Germany. In his theory he stated that these Europeans are mortal but they have the pure blood of the Greek god in them. He believed that other races such as Asian and African didn't have pure blood in them and they are meant to serve as slaves under the pure European race. He already hated Jews and in this theory he clearly states that Jews are the main enemies, who are trying to eliminate the Aryan race. I clearly don't know what was behind this theory, it may be the truth, madness, or racism.

The Thule Society

Hitler was obsessed with secret societies from his childhood and the most famous secret society associated with him is the "Thule Society." Thule society believed in the supremacy of the Aryan race and they believed that there was a lost land called Thule which was ruled by the Aryans. Hitler being an active member of this society put forwarded the notion than the people of Germany are descended from the land of Thule. Hitler participated in occult and satanic rituals to find the lost land of Thule. Historians also believe that Hitler performed some sex rituals which made him impotent. The most terrifying rumor is that Hitler had escaped to the Antarctic with the members of the Thule society where he is still alive and experimenting with flying saucers (UFO), and preparing for another war.

The Blutfahne Or The Blood Flag


The Blood Flag is the most valuable relic possessed by Hitler. As the name signifies, the flag was soaked with the blood of the martyrs when Hitler's "Munich Putcsh" was failed in November 1923. Hitler believed that the blood flag will help him in defeating his enemies and he took it with him, whenever he attended any meeting. The Blutfahne was last seen in 1944 before Nazi Headquarters were destroyed.

Obsession With Holy Relics

1. The Holy Grail


I think two definitions can be given for the holy grail, first it was the holy chalice that Jesus Christ used at the last supper to drink wine or it was the chalice that had caught Christ's blood as he hung on the cross. The second one is that Holy grail actually means Jesus's bloodline. If the first definition is taken into consideration, then Hitler searched for the Holy grail because it can lead him to unbridled power and immortality, and he can literally become a god. He believed that who are the pure bloodline of Aryans can only possess the Grail. If the second definition is taken into consideration, then Hitler hated the Jews and he wanted to end the bloodline of Jesus Christ, who was also a Jew.

2. The Ark Of The Covenant


The search for holy relics led Hitler to the Ark of the Covenant. It is believed that it a stone tablet which was built 3000 years ago and contains the "Ten Commandments" given by Jesus Christ. The ark contained the power to vaporize those who touched it or looked at it. Hitler believed that if he get his hands on this powerful tool then nothing can stop him from world domination.

3. The Spear Of Destiny Or Holy Lance


According to the religious books spear of destiny is spear which was used to pierce the left side of Jesus Christ when he was hung on the cross. According to the legends, whoever holds this spear, "holds in his hand the destiny of the world for good or evil." Hitler was not able to find the holy grail or the ark of the covenant but historians believe that he definitely found the spear of destiny. It is not sure whether it was the same spear that was used against Christ or some other. Occultists believe that Hitler gained enormous strength from this spear and it did help him during the second World War but when he lost it, it eventually lead to his suicide.

Many unanswered questions died with his suicide but one thing is sure that he was a master in occultism and used it to his advantage. 

The source of the images used in this article is wikimedia.

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