This post is not just an afterthought, past couple of weeks have seen many bizzare things happening in my country and this is a culmination of all those incidents.

I have always thought my country and its countrymen to be very flexible and democratic but offlate I don't know why we have become a lot rigid and some may call that India is moving towards Fascism....

As can be seen from the latest Vande Mataram issue, which I think is a non issue. Jamait E Ulema once again issued a fatwa against our National song. The thing that I am unable to understand is that how can our national song be related to any particular religion, its a song of and for every Indian. As an Indian, I will never appreciate any religious organisation dividing my country. More so, our constitution never said that singing national song is compulsory, even the Supreme Court has not held singing of national anthem compulsory. Its a free country and it does'nt really matters whether you sing or not sing Vande Mataram. Muslims in this country are more Indians than any other Indian and they don't need to prove this by singing any song.... having said that, its my strong belief that we are Indians first than hindu or muslim. So , as an Indian I have no issue with Vande Mataram and nor should these religious organisation should have.

Next, I have always believed that in a vast country like ours a bit of regionalism will always be there but this regionalism should not turn into linguistic divide.....'coz language divides in much deeper way. This happened in Andhra Pradesh and other southeren states, there you are not supposed to speak in hindi but in these states this was not made mandatory as such. But the recent incident of Maharashtra Assembly is really very dangerous and may set very bad preceedents for the future....I mean, a member of Maharashtra legislative assembly was beaten up just ' coz he took his oath in hindi ...damn! I knew Raj Thakre and others were intolerant but this is crossing limit now....means, hindi is supposed to be our national language and even than our constitution gives us right to speak any can these fascists and morons like Raj Thakre's be allowed to disturb the unity of this country for just some meagre vote bank politics.

Next, I have noticed that Bihari Bashing has also become a ritual offlate. Raj Thakre the moron started this and now even the national parties like Congress and BJP have started giving air to this fire. Be it CM of Madhya Pradesh or CM of Delhi they are forgetting one thing that India from J&K to Kanyakumari is one state and every citizen of this country can go and work anywhere in the country. After all its India, country of all Indians. But, again why these parties are indulging into such lower level vote bank politics is again beyond me.

One thing is sure, no matter how hard these fascists power try to break India, this country will not give in to them and it will not succumb to these ill thinking guys. Atleast, we youngsters will not let this happen.

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