Abraham Lincoln was a brave man, And great president of America. He was hard worker and good administrator.

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky USA in 1809. His father was a farmer and his mother died when he was just nine years old. His parents were very poor. He could not attend school for long. However, he studied law and became a lower. Gradually he was draw into politics. In 1856, he was elected president of his country. At the time, the United States of America was passing through very difficult times. There was great unrest in the country on the question of slavery. Negroes from Africa were brought and sold in the market to do their jobs but not given money as the southern states of America were in favor of slaves.

Lincoln was very about this. Soon, a civil war broke out between the northern and southern states. A civil war is that which is fought among the people of the same nation.

Abraham Lincoln won the civil war. He got rid of slavery and kept the country united. Lincoln was so popular that he was reelected the president of United States of America for the second time in 1865. He declared policy of peace. But some people did not like his views against slavery. On 14th April, 1865, he was shot dead in a theatre by john Wilkes booth.

It was Abraham Lincoln gave the idea, the government of the people, by the people and for the people- which formed the basis of democracy.




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