A critical environmental situation prevails everywhere in the world.According to scientists and environmentalists,such a massive destruction of the environment never happens at any point of human civilization.Due to pollution many rare animal species and trees lost forever.With higher temperature,everywhere,those animals living here,feeling the brunt of heat and dangers in their life every time and every moment they live here.Owing to lack of food and water,life becomes miserable.Owed to heat and lack of foods,the reproductive capacity of these animals reduces further.This gives the danger of finishing the entire species of animals on Earth.For the last ten years,considering the importance of these events,United Nations,inform all countries to preserve the environment.

In short,from 1995,the atmosphere of earth becomes hot enough to raise blisters.The northern and southern pole, which remains ice throughout the year,has signs of ice melting there.This shows that heated air continues to exist.More water reaching to oceans and for this, of late,countries like Maldives,Bangladesh coastal areas and in Mumbai City,water entering into it and flood like situation happens in the heart of cities.Five million people injured due to sudden floods and more than cores of rupees wasted apart from losing few valuable human lives.Owing to the advent of salt water,nearby areas of sea shore,the productive agricultural lands turned into waste land.Abundant sea animals and trees could not sustain the heat inside and died owing to rise in temperature of water inside the ocean.

Slowly,we are moving towards the end of the world.In our heart,we know it is true.The state of environment calamity will be intense in the African continent.According to a detailed critical inspection from Pretoria University anticipated rising in temperature and fall in rainfall.Agricultural production will be reducing further.A small and inadequate amount of water will be available.As a result,various plants will be finished to the last.Six laps kilometers of productive cultivated field will be uninhabited wilderness that is worthless for cultivation.Ice will be reduced from solid to liquid state at the hills of Uganda,Kenya and Tanzania.Owing to the rise in the level of the surface of a body of ocean water,the sea coast of Egypt and Ginny will cause a dangerous situation by threatening great harm.

According to scientists of United Nations,the ice of The Himalayas,which had been there for years,begins to melt and they estimate that in the year 2035,all ice of The Himalayas will melt.As a consequence of this,rivers originates from The Himalayas will get more waters and there will be floods alongside of cities of these rivers.Then, after some years,this river will depend upon rain for waters and in other seasons there will be no water in these rivers.Owing to melt of ice,inside the Himalayas,rains during winter in and around northern India will be reduced drastically.According to some estimation,there will be no winter in northern India after the year 2020.During the month of January,the temperature will rise to 40 degree Celsius.Owing to lack of rain and water,the littoral areas of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers,will be slowly turning from fertile lands to barren lands.

According to agricultural experts,in North India,the regions nearer to the fertile lands of the Ganges,the production of cultivated fields will be reduced to 30 percentages of overall production capacity.Grasslands will be turned into stone lands.Owing to lack of proper foods,25 percentages of the domestic animals,especially cows will die earlier than their stipulated age.Similarly,due to rise of temperature and lack of rain,25 percentages of trees will be vanished from these areas.According to environmentalists,due to excessive rise of temperature and a complete reversal of climatic conditions,there will be rise of mosquitoes in the areas adjoining the coasts of the Ganges.Due to risk of mosquitoes,there will be a huge rise of diseases like Dengue and Malaria among people residing there.

There will be floods and famine,and due to this,rises in cholera and food poisoning among citizens.There will be rise of people’s death payable to these diseases.Its aftereffects can be felt in India.For the last ten years,there had been heavy precipitation in North West of India,causing rain havoc in those areas.Similarly, there has been surprisingly high rate of rain,in eastern India.In 2005,due to sudden rain of 944 millimeters in the city of Mumbai,on July 26 and 27, 1000 people perished and about 1700 cores properties destroyed.In 2012,there was heavy rain in Surat and Srinagar,and many people died and scores of properties damaged.Generally, Surat and Srinagar,historically not in flood related zones.In the recent years,there had been many cyclones in and around Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.

In the Odisha,the eastern state of India,in 1999,the super cyclone caused havoc and mass scale destruction in the coastal districts.From 2000 to 2012, in Odisha,rate of rainfall decreased gradually.The main cause of elevated temperature in the world is the emission of green house gas to atmosphere.Owing to large scale industrialization,establishment of thermal power stations,rise in vehicles emits green house gas effects.1992 convention of green house effects calls for reduction of green house and to control to the state of what it has been in the year 1990,but sadly,United State of America,the principal emitter of green house gas,denies obeying these rulings of convention.Australia is the second in rank of emitting green house gas effect to the atmosphere.

According to environment ministry of the government of India,European countries have been emitting 15 times of carbon dioxide from their plants to the atmosphere than India.They should decrease this.Therefore developing countries like India,could consider the decrease of carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere.Sadly,these countries,do not consider this problem as a serious threat to the environment and for this the whole world has to pay the price.BRIC countries like that of Brazil, Russia, China and India,should unite and request the United Nations to pressurize developed countries,to work more towards cubing green house gas effects from these regions.The carbon dioxide is on the rise and oxygen is decreasing and it is a danger for all living beings.In the coming years,the quantity of these emissions will be on the higher side,and then can we live in this world without proper oxygen?

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