In modern World, importance of marriage is gradually decreasing. The glory of marriage is lost somewhere and one of the negative points is taken from the togetherness in the marriage. We do see a lot of ego in the couples being in marriage. This is the reason, lot of families are facing this problem. In a family, we see lot of differences and due to those quarrels; we see lot of couples taking divorce as a solution.

Marriage Ceremony happens with lot of revelry, joy and happiness. Before marriage, one boy and one girl enjoys their lovely life with full of romance and slowly-slowly the romance is strengthen into strong bond which take them to climax of Marriage. Mostly, now a day’s we see lot of love marriages in today’s society. When the time comes when the new wed couple comes into house and had to adapt the relation with the family members, then wife feels those relations as a restriction and from here the collapsing of importance, respect, love starts. Wife is unable to understand her husband and husband is also unable to understand and instead of respecting her, he too starts insulting her wife. At the end the result comes is very bad. In the tug-of-war of the ego between wife and husband, the bond of love and marriage breaks and finally the string of bond break at Divorce.

Couples don’t realize the beautiful and peaceful relation of marriage, neither have they thought about any principles which they should follow being in marriage, neither the couple shows any understanding and put themselves in the worst situation of taking divorce. Marriage has always tied up two families, two love-buds, and many hearts with each other, which is the accepted as a Morality and Religious proceedings. In another words, marriage has always been termed as the tie of two lovely relation and two family relations. It brings Consistency in two families to have lovely meetings and enjoy wedding. The most important thing, marriage brings two souls so close that they could proceed further in their life.

Being in marriage, the girl has to take lots responsibilities. Though the girl is high educated or moderately, she has to earn the relation and respect in the family with her sweet sound, good behavior, good personality, good qualities, good culture she possess. I think the girl should win the hearts with lots of steadiness and should respect the family and rather should avoid the fake face or any restriction to respect. Girl should take care about the close relations whom her husband has like his mother, father, sister and brother. If the girl is living in joint family, then more members are also added in this list. What happens is when you are respecting those people who are very close to the husband, then husband gets happy, that my wife is also respecting my close people. This creates a good bond between a husband and wife. To have a good future of them, husband expects that his wife should respect and feel good in new environment and be good “BAHU’ to his family.

He wants that consistency should be maintained in the family. He also expects that in return his family also gives an immense respect and love to his wife. He expects that his wife have a true relation with the close ones and he also expects that she puts the good seeds of relations in the family, which could be helpful to them in future. The family members should make her wife the independence of living happily in joint family. When the wife is in joint family, then lots of work is divided, but for this it is very necessary that wife shows consistency and respect in between family members. The person who gives Selfless true love always in the family gets respect. In our Hindu Culture those 7 saying (7 Phere) which are took during marriage, which not only welfare the two families but also holy the bride-groom pure relation. Responsibilities are taught in that religious 7 saying. I have heard those saying, might not remember those, but have seen those religious proceedings. Balance, love and Consistency should in there in both sides.

In this way in the marriage ceremony, the holy message of consistency comes out. You would have seen that during the 7 phere starts, during each phere, pundits explain the bride and groom about the responsibilities they have to take. Each phere is having some responsibilities. Pundits explain those responsibilities which they need to remember in their whole life. Pundits explain the meaning of each saying. Each saying tells about the limits, behavior and respect which we need to take care of it. I have heard those sayings and it feels very interesting to hear those saying and meaning of it. Every religion is having these sayings in their rituals and in wedding. If you would have noted this, there are very few of them, who really serious and concentrate on these sayings, when pundits recite or say to the couple. The result comes is very bad. Wife likes to live in a separate family, rather than living in joint family. But when their children like to live in that same family (joint family) then they realize that they were unable to have Consistency in their own family. In the privation of Moral education, life has just become Math and Science. Feeling in the family has been replaced by strong Jealousy. Money also creates division. Money has spoiled lot of families.

I think today’s girls need to understand the importance of marriage. They need to think more on being in family. Family that remains together is very strong. Girls need to think wisely and smartly before taking any decision in their life. Girls need to show some steadiness and calmness in their martial life. If they show some confidence, they could not only save their martial life, but also get immense respect in their family. They need to show consistency in their life and family. You need to have a life that works in Consistent manner. In the first month of Marriage, everything looks good. Romance is in air. Love just flows very smoothly.

In the first month the couple goes for honey-moon so everything looks great. But, as those good moments goes and when the time of holding the responsibilities comes, then the real test of the couple comes into existence. When you live in a separate family then children remain away from love and shades of Grand-parents, Uncle, Aunty and other family members. Children do ask their parents about their grand-father and grand-mother. The parents of the children have no answer, when their children ask them why they live separately. So, the husband and wife should understand and use their intellectual mind to think well as to how they can live a good life. Their life would only be successful, when they will live a Consistent life.

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