I remember my school days when i was in class 3. My brother held my hands and we walked with Amma.It was July and there were heavy rains.I lived in a place in Navi Mumbai.The school had reopened and we both were excited to walk splashing the water which collected in puddles.

He is my elder brother, 1 and half years elder to me.So would always see to that i was safe and no one troubled me. We used to play carroms and chess. He used to get Tinitin and champak from the nearby library for me to read. Appa as i call my father used to bring him lots of books. He was always lost in books. 

After books, table tennis was his favorite.As he grew older he took membership in a club. We used to play NFS during our free hours after college was over. Later on i moved to the hostel to do my graduation and he was alone at home.Things changed for me as i got friends and was busy with them.

Brother was not so interested in studies.He wanted to make table tennis his career. But parents wouldn't allow. As time passed whenever i came home for vacation i dont know why and how, but my conversation with him weakened as it was earlier. He used to come to talk to me. But i was busy messaging my friends. Sometimes playing on the computer.

Soon after graduation i started doing my job. Mine was a day shift and his a night shift.We started to see each other even lesser.One day he told my mother that he would like to take 5 days off and stay at home and do some office job. It was a Monday evening.And late in the evening he complained off fever and restlessness. Appa said we will go to the doctor. But he disagreed.

Tuesday morning Amma called me at 5:30 am and said brother was not able to breath well. I jumped out of my bed. Within half an hour everything was over.He breathed his last. For a moment i felt maybe i was dreaming. Did my brother really leave us?

Its 5 years now since he passed away.I regret not having given him the importance that i should have when he lived.Love your family, your friends and everyone around you when God gives you the opportunity to. This is what life has taught me .

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