In the last 10 years the criminal movement has increased rapidly in India. The unsocial activities have created a great chaos in the development and the standard of India. The criminal activities involves theft, burglary, eve teasing, rape and even murder. In the last few decades the extortion, sexual assaults, torture, molestation, eve teasing and rape became the most infamous criminal activities in the most developed cities of India including Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and also in other states.

Records of Criminal Rating

If we go through the data regarding the crime towards women we will come to know the fact that it is increasing in an alarming rate. According to the survey it is found that at least 3 women are raped.Women's safety has consistently been a concern of every family and also the government. Everyday the news of molestation or rape is being reported in each and every newspaper.The criminals are roaming with no fear and wearing a mask of good citizen. So to protect the women and the girls, every measures were being taken by the government. But the security and the safety remains within each and every female of this country.

Recent Cases

Recently the Delhi rape case has shaken the heart of every people living in the country. And formerly of this incident a rape case of Kolkata has put the question of safety in front of our faces.Every citizen of India is having a fear of a question that whether their mother, sister, wife or friend is safe outside. Whether they can walk on the road with no fear. The answer is not known. So the girls have to defend themselves of their own. They have to follow certain steps and certain instructions to avoid these atrociously pathetic crimes in future.

Safety Tips

Firstly every girl or women should mould their mental strength to an extent so that they have the ability to protect and protest to the occuring of these situations. There are some steps maintaining which you can avoid the attacks and be safe.

1. Be alert and sure of your surroundings: First thing you should be aware of is that of your surroundings. Have a good information about the people and their movements. If something suspicious thing happens then get out of that place as soon as possible.

2. Don't loose your nerve: If something suspicious is happening and you are getting a smell of something bad then use your gutsy feelings or your sixth sense because they are called the personal alarms as it gives an idea of the negative vibes. Also use your intuitions and leave the place by retracting yourself. Always make the decision sharply and use your brains to make a sharp and correct decision.

3. Always carry small weapon like nail cutters or sharp metals in your purse: You should be carrying small sharp metals or nail cutters which can be used to defend. If someone attacks you and you are not carrying any kind of weapons then use the stones and the sand to attack the attacker.

 4. Keep the mobile phones in a safe place and always activate the speed dials: When you are travelling try to keep the mobile phones in a safe place because attacker have the intention to throw away the phone.Always activate the speed dials so that you can quickly dial the number and contact anyone to whom you want to seek help. Keep the phone at a place from where you can easily take it out.

5. Don't use the empty bus or bus with few peoples: After repetitive incidents you will be knowing this that you should have to avoid the bus which is not crowded. Do not use the road side taxi's or cabs. At night don't use the bus with less peoples boarded it. If something suspicious is notices then board off that bus immediately.

6. What are to be done while driving a car or 2 wheeler: Now a days criminals use some specific methods to stop the car. So be aware of such dangerous methods of assaults. They use to throw specific glossy liquid on the wind screen of the car so that you should stop to see. You should avoid parking in the street which is usually thronged but now grown. You should check the back seat before unlocking and entering into the car. And if you are driving a 2 wheeler vehicle then always use your helmet so that it can be used if attacked.

7. Miscellaneous things which are to be kept in mind:

  1. Always try to walk in the well lit areas.
  2. Do not use shortcuts while driving.
  3. Ask your friend or someone you know to drop to your home if you are late at your office.
  4. If you have been attacked then use your stern voice to attract the crowd or to get the attention of the people.
  5. There are some vulnerable attacks which can also be used to attack the attackers such as kick on the back of the knees, punch on stomach and chest or you can poke hard on the eyes of the attacker.
  6. Always keep the number of the police saved to your mobile so that you can connect or approach them immediately. So save yourself of your own and stay safe.

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