With the entry of formula one into the Indian market, the second most expensive sport in the world has only gotten bigger. The 5.14 km long Buddh international circuit at greater noida was created by the hard work and the interest of a lot of formula one lovers in the country. Managed by the business tycoons’ jaypee international, this race circuit will host the Indian grand prix every year from 2011.

Considering the new born interest to the formula one for a lot of Indians who never was familiar to this sport, here are some tips for you to get acquainted with the basics of formula one.

Every Formula one race at every circuit is conducted over a period of 3 days.2 practice races on Friday, third practice race and the qualifying race on Saturday and the final race on Sunday. Since Sunday is holiday worldwide, formula one organizers aims at getting the maximum viewership for every races.

Qualification in formula one is basically conducted by a series of short races. All the 24 cars will run for a period of 20 minutes. The last 8 cars will be eliminated. This means that these 8 cars need not race any more in the qualifying rounds. Their positions in the final race will be as the last 8 positions in the grid.

The remaining 16 cars will go through the next phase of qualification .here all these cars will race for 15 minutes along the race circuit. And similarly the last 8 cars will be eliminated and their positions will be in the middle of the race grid.

Only the remaining 8 cars will race in the final qualifying race of 10 minutes. The fastest car in this race will acquire the pole position while remaining 3 cars will fall back behind this car.

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