For having a successful trip we need to follow few travelling tips.

1. Most of us have a habit of leaving things wherever we move in home. But sometimes by mistake we do the same when we are outside. So it is suggested to have a glance before leaving the place whether you left anything or not.

2. Don’t place all your cards at one place as you do at home. Try to place cards in different places while travelling for example, place a card in suitcase, one in a handbag, one in your wallet. So that if you lose one card, then you can manage with another card. Or else if you keep all cards in your wallet as you do usually then if you lose your wallet then it will be difficult for you and you cannot survive without money.

3. Don’t ever keep your wallet in your jeans back pocket. Keep it in the front pocket of your jeans. Prefer the front pocket which is buttoned. It is even better to use money belts which we can place them inside the jeans or under the shirt. It is good to prefer the waterproof one. As while travelling sometimes we sweat more. It is even advisable to use inner pockets in jeans and shirt also. All these avoid picking of pocket. 

4. Scan all your important documents like your travel documents, your visa, ticket etc.  Keep those scanned documents in your mail. Try to take hard copy of those documents and keep somewhere in your luggage. When necessary you can show through your mail or sometimes you may need a hard copy to show. So both are good.

5. Trusting strangers is not a bad but you should up to some limit that is your security. Don’t ever go with the stranger in the risky areas and don’t let strangers know about your financial status and all. Never eat the things given by the strangers who are your co-passengers, if you trust only you have it.

6. Getting health insurance is very important. This is much useful for the people who travel abroad. So that for any health problem or injury they can approach a doctor without money.7. Try to consult your doctor and get all the necessary vaccines and health precautions according to the place where you are going to visit.

8. Avoid showing your affluence in public. Stop carrying gold ornaments, costly camera around your neck and money. Keep jewelry at home or bank and camera in bag or else thieves will target you. 

9. When you have decided to have a tour, then first you need to plan a correct budget and schedule.

10. Then you need to pack your clothes. You have to choose the clothes which are very comfortable while travelling and in the tour.

11. Always carry a water bottle with you and food material.

12. Carry enough money which is necessary to spend in the tour.

13. Check your bank balance before going to tour and then carry your cards with you.

14. Book the tickets before, as most of our tickets stills will be in waiting list.

15. Try to know about the place which you are newly going to visit. You can know about the place by browsing the internet or through book and friends.

16. Carry few games and books to pass your time while travelling.

17. It is suggested to carry the luggage which is necessary only and don’t care over luggage as it will be very difficult to carry.

18. Carry disposal glasses and paper plates with you, as it will be very easy to have food and throw them away.

19. Try keeping your ID proof with you like voter id, driving license etc.

20. Before going to tour you need to check whether all your necessary things are packed or not.

21. While travelling always be alert as if you divert your mind and people will rob you.

22. Through whatever you travel, try to place your luggage visible to you. 

23. Have light food while travelling so that you do not get any disturbance in your health.

24. If it is winter tour then try to carry warm clothes that are woolen clothes.

25. If it is summer then you need to carry tissue papers to wipe sweat and to clean your hands after having food.

26. If you are travelling through train then don’t get down off the train in every station.

27. While travelling, try to have the food which is very hygienic and mineral water.

28. Don’t try to visit more places in less days. As there will be no satisfaction in your trip.

29. The luggage which you keep in the vehicle while travelling, lock them using Iron chains. Especially in trains.

30. Observe your surroundings while you are travelling in a bus or train.

31. Hire the cabs if necessary only, but it is good prefer train or bus to travel.

32. If you are having abroad tour then try to carry the ATM cards or credit cards which contain 4 digits pin number only as most of the countries does not accept the cards which contain more than 4 digits of the pin number.

33. Writing the pin number on the back of ATM cards and credit cards is not at all good. This will be easy for the thief who robs your card.

34. Book hotel rooms before travelling so that there will be no uncomfortability after reaching your destination.

35. If you are thinking to have abroad a tour then you need to carry visa documents with you. So it is better to have tour via travel agency. Because travel agencies will arrange your visa very easily.

36. Keep your valuables safe. 

37. While travelling in the train, keep the tickets available to you, so that it will be easy to show when the ticket collector asks.

38. When you are having tour to another country then try to know the dress code over there. Especially women.

39. While you are in the journey don’t go into deep sleep and be in touch that which place you have reached so far.

I hope all these traveling tips will be enough for people to travel in local, state and abroad.

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