Hello Friends,

First of all, many apologies for publishing the results so late, but due to some personal reasons that demanded my complete attention, I could not read through the posts earlier than this!

The topic for the above mentioned week was:
Should journalism be kept out of the premises of censorship?

The response to this topic was amazingly great, thanks to you all! I hope we keep up the tempo henceforth in all forthcoming GDs!

The winner for this contest is undoubtedly Gulshan Kumar Ajmani, I truly and sincerely congratulate his efforts and the sincereity he puts into all of his posts! Many warm congratulations Gulshan!

Also, I must make a special mention of Rajani who also countered his arguments and points well. Some very good points were made by Monalisa but since she posted only one reply, unfortunately did not qualify for 50 points. Monalisa, I hope to see more from you in future GDs.

My warm congratulations to all participants! :) :)

Winner : Gulshan Rs. 50 plus 50 points
Runner-up: Rajani K Rs. 25 plus 50 points
50 points winners: Deivigan, Abid, Rajesh Chandra Pandey, Chinmoy Mukherjee

An unfortunate scenario in this GD is that though there were many clear and strong posts from Sumit, I found them to have been copied from a number of different sources. Therefore, he is discualified from this contest. :( I sincerely hope that this done not happen again.

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

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