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Hi All,

Boddunan is announcing another money making program for interested enthusiasts - Reviews.

Now you can review your daily using mobile phone and earn few bucks into your pocket money. Read on..

1. Most of the options are configured in add listing page where you can add product features.

2. The select combo boxes (only few) allow you to add the values that are not available in it. So you can add your value if it not there already. Since this is the beginning, you may have to add but going forward you can use values added by others.

3. Mandatory fields and product review must be submitted in order to get cash credits.

4. Currently reviews are allowed in Mobile Phones category, other categories such as movies will be added soon.

5. All reviews are properly moderated and allocated cash credits.

6. If boddunan founds any of your review found to be copied from other website, your account will be blocked immediately. No excuses. One copied content is enough to block account.

7. The initial reviews will be published within 2 weeks time, however, the review time will be reduced to one week in the future.

8. The maximum cash credit awarded for each review is 50 (fifty only). The credit depends on how effective your review is and how much information you have given in the listing.

9. There will be no credits/points allotted for the user reviews on the published listings (Every member can review the products published, you need not add the same product again). However, the points for user reviews will be introduced in the future.

10. Every duplicate listing will attract minus 25 cash credits. So please search before posting your listing. (We can ignore duplicate listing posted at the same time the original listing posted.)

11. Adding 4 images is mandatory. 4 good quality images are required for your listing to be approved. Providing thumbnails for the images is not counted.

12. Item description should contain facts about the product but not your opinions. Your opinions shall be given in reviews field only.

13. Optional fields doesn't mean you leave them but to provide the information that does not covered by standard fields. They will effect the earnings of fields section.

14. Please leave the item for someone who can provide the better details instead of providing limited/incorrect details. It would enable others to submit the product listing as there should not be any duplicates.

15. Please review the product fully or leave it to someone else. Most of the members reviewing the product in one sentence or two. Can you review a mobile phone in such short paragraph?

16. A minimum of 300 words is necessary for the listing description and review.

17. Boddunan reserves right to alter/add terms and conditions listed above at any time and has right to withdraw features. All general boddunan terms and conditions applicable.

Cash credit breakdown:

Images: 10 cash credits
Listing features/parameters: 10 cash credits
Product description: 10 cash credits
Product review: 20 cash credits

Max Pricing:
Submit Tourist Destination Listing & Review: Upto 50 Cash Credits
Submit Restaurant Reviews: Upto Rs.50 Cash Credits
Submit Mobile Listing & Review: 50 Points

So guys.. lets rock on reviews and make it successful like other features. Have a good day.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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