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Hi All,

Apologize for the delay in announcing the results this time. I would like to quickly go through the results, here are the eligible members:

suni519177 (9 shares)
Sandhya Rani8424 (8 shares)
sharmistha7012 (7 shares)
Ashii5031 (5 shares)
sjvg19765007 (5 shares)
gkajmani3490 (3 shares)
kiran83266 (3 shares)
Captain20103085 (3 shares)
Sagayamary2090 (2 shares)
ram2075 (2 shares)
kalyani1714 (1 shares)
khappieinstein1388 (1 shares)
sasi10211332 (1 shares)
karuna_sapra1122 (1 shares)

And here is the revenue sharing information:

Revenue Earned: $145 or 7685
Revenue Share: Rs.2305
Revenue Per Share: 45.2
Total Moderator Revenue Share: Rs. 384

Congratulations and wish you all the best for this month.

P.S. I am on vacation and may not answer your queries on forum, please do send a mail using contact us form in case you need any clarifications related to your revenue. For any other non-admin related queries you may want to contact any of the moderators for clarifications.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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