A-Woman has vital role in worldwide society for reduce foolishness and repulsion intelligence.

B-Woman is mother of society.

C-Society consists of positive intelligent, negative intelligent and foolishness.

D- Negative intelligent and foolishness are the causes of poverty and violence in worldwide society.

E-Reduce of negative intelligent and foolishness automatically reduce worldwide poverty and violence.

F-Mother can easily reform the near and dear negative intelligent and foolishness by improving own positive intelligent. It does not mean women are not positive intelligent. Improving positive intelligent is continuous process both for man and woman.

G-Easy way to improve own positive intelligent by following the principle of living Ideal of own community heartily along with  taking academic education.

H-Motivation camp related to academical education,vocational training and spirituality is needed to mothers (Women) in some interval for improve theirs positive intelligence where needed.

I-Various women empowerment committees to be framed from village level to international level among women connecting to family planning, sanitary, health, education, acquisition, self help, small fund, leadership, child care, shelter house etc.

J-Worldwide women's empowerment organizations are working, but it is needed to make chain among same goal committees from village level to international level is continuous reform trick.

K-Above steps are become the preventive action for sustainable development of worldwide society.

L-Slowly grass level women would take part in   socio-economy development for own family as well as society.

M-Above steps would reduce the domestic violence, rape, dowry torture and murder, divorce and trafficking  etc.

N-More percentage of positive intelligent women present in worldwide society putting positive impulses to near and dear ,and automatically negative intelligent and foolishness would be reduce in worldwide society.  


Madhu Sudana Parida 

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