Childrenare not safe in anganvadi as well. A small child was kidnapped from anganwadi and sacridixed for  religious eitual.


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  • Re: where will dark forces of irrationality lead to ?

    by » 6 years ago

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    Not only is anganvadi, children are not safe any where. In this case child was kidnapped for religious eitual. We can read in newspaper tht every day child kidnapped for sexual harshment.Devil of this type is present  every where. Parents can't keep their children in houses all time. It is  not good for development of children. Goo bless child.

  • Re: where will dark forces of irrationality lead to ?

    by » 6 years ago

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    Shocking. It happened in my own state. The purpose of Tirumala Rao, who committed this heinous  deed was to  unearth the hidden treasure in the old ruins of a temple This highlights the old and superstitions prevailing in the society still in this modern world. Humanity should should bow down with shame. Where we are heading towards ? towards darkness?.Tirumala Rao was swiftly rounded up and arrested.

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