Everyone left me,

but he sat by my side,

when no one was there.


When no one was there.

He was there to fight,

from all those people who were there being the speed breakers of my life.


When no one was there,

to swipe my tears.

He was there to be my happy pill

standing infront of me like a joker

to make laugh, harder and harder.


When no one was there to support me.

He was ready to be my backbone forever,

to support me at every situation, he promised.


When no one was there to listen my talks

He was listening carefully like a 4 year kid.


And this made me realize.

People go and come.

No one was there with me permanently.

All these were just the unwanted temporary people of my life.

But he was there always, is here always, and promised to be always there for me at every situation,

In my happiness, in my sorrow, in my anger, in my everything.


Actually he is, 

he is my constant, my forever.

He is my papa.


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  • Re: He is my Forever

    by » 3 years ago

    Suny Ag
    Editor & Super Moderator
    253 20k 141.2k

    Why do you say you had no one as long your papa was there?

    By the way this is forum section of this site and poems are not accepted here.


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  • Re: He is my Forever

    by » 3 years ago

    Arunima Singh
    Platinum Mate
    70 1.72k 13.5k

    Your emotions are beautifully expressed for your Papa.  But as Sunil mentioned it might not be a right platform for poems and creative expressions.  Hope you get some good platform to publish them. 

    You can use this forum to have a discussion.  You can read some discussions to get an idea. 

    Hope to see you active and interactive here. 

    I am open to experience what life's mystery bag holds for me


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