lockdown is for Jaan hai to... jahan hai

India is the second most populous county that's why relaxation would be risky in light of the ongoing covid-19.

purpose of lockdown and restrictions regarding social contact is to break the chain of transmission of cornovirus.

The pendamic has resulted in the largest amount of shut downs/lockdowns worldwide at the same in history.

India has a lower Test Positive Rate in comparison of  America, italy, spain, russia.

expansion of covid-19 in india has been at a slower pace when compared to other countries

Indian council of medical research recorded total positive case -67,152




America on sunday 2,81,061 people died.Highest number of death in the world.

without lockdown and containment measures there is no certainty that virus will not spread.nation wide lockdown and social distancing are important to fight otherwise it may spread like wildfire.

Air pollution and water in river have been getting cleaner due to corona lockdown.

Great thanks to corona .

corona is not virus.....

we people are virus to earth.

Richard Horton said, please do not rush this. ..if you risk lifting the locked and if you have the second wave(of disease) it will be even worse than the first wave.

He said it took Wuhaan 10 weeks to successfullyend the transmission of corona and open up. It spread rapidally in a population if you don't follow rules.

So follow the rules.


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  • Re: why lockdown is necessary

    by » 2 years ago

    Lockdown is the major necessity these days with slogan STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE

    The COVID-19 coronavirus is spreading very fast so we need to avoid social gathering.

    Although; the economy is going to 10 years back due to lockdown but it is necessary to keep ourselves in the home to revert back to a normal lifestyle in a few weeks.

  • Re: why lockdown is necessary

    by » 2 years ago

    Follow the rules during this lockdown period. Self caring is more important. All we have social responsibility and obey the simple rules of the government. ( AFTER LOCK DOWN/ AFTER COVID 19). Everything has a pros and cons as less pollution and suffers in population.


  • Re: why lockdown is necessary

    by » 2 years ago

    Lockdowns are the only measure we can take as of now to prolong the effect of covid19, I know this lockdown will soon be removed and everyone will again on work and then again the same condition back again. But we have to learn from this situation.

    In my view we should practice a one day lockdown all over the world once in a month. We get time to spend it with our families and on the other hand nature get time to heal itself.blush

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