5 months ago

Like every other thing happening or has already happened, life has all pros and cons. Every time one encounters any incident it is very much obvious to think of the other way round, that is, what if this could have happened instead of that but have you ever given thought to that even if you want it to have happened at that point of time, then to the question would have remained the same, that is, What if?

Life gives you many reasons to justify what has happened and what eventually has not. What matters is how is that you look at it. If you want to search for pros you will find a number of them and if you want cons you will be finding them too and somehow more than that of pros because human nature is always keen towards cons. Everything happens for a reason, so if anything has happened, it has eventually gathered something with it. It depends upon you how you treat it and look into it. If you turn back you will find that what you have lost is something that has helped you earn what you have and what you are today.

There will be a lot of memories to be sorrowful about but have you ever thought that if that could have not happened how is that you would have gained what you have today which may be experiences, abilities, and capabilities, to deal with things more beautifully and variably? All is that you need to look for something that can enhance your capabilities and makes you find a better person within you. If you are someone who has looked upon your past as responsible for all your sorrows then you will never be able to become a better person and will always weep upon what you don't have and will find every possible reason for not having it and doing something inappropriate and then justifying that with what all your past experiences are. But, do not forget those who are achieving success, finding love today do possess past. Think what they would have become if they would have lamented over it all over again. Not so hard to imagine right? They would have become you, the one blaming his past for what he has become today.

Therefore, one should always look upon the better things in life as what you see and how you perceive it matters the most and eventually can make your present and future as well. It depends upon you, whether you justify your good deeds with your past or the bad ones. But, there will always be something which has to do with your past experiences as you are the ultimate result of them.

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