Ravishankar Prasad
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13 years ago
Dark chocolates may help diabetes control their dangerously high cholesterol levels, a new study has claimed.

Researchers at the University of Hull in UK found that polyphenol, an ingredient found in chocolates with high levels of cocoa solids, cuts cholesterol levels in a small umber of diabetics.

High cholesterol levels are a particular problem for many diabetes and are linked strongly to an increased risk of heart disease. Past studies have also suggested the substance can reduce the risk of heart disease, the BBC reported.
A total of 12 volunteers with the type II diabetes were given identical chocolate bars, some enriched with polyphenols, over a 16 week period.

Those given the enriched bars experienced a small improvement in their overall cholesterol "profile", with total cholesterol falling and levels of so-called "good" cholesterol rising.
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Ramachandran R
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13 years ago
i love dark chocolates, in fact i lost one teeth because of eating it too much...
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