How to Reduce and Prevent Wrinkles Naturally

Wrinkles are fine lines on the skin surface because of which skin becomes loose and sagging. Factors like improper care, unbalanced diet, and stress results in formation of wrinkles or aging lines. Wrinkles are generally found around the eyes, necks, and even on surface of cheeks.

We present you the top 5 Home remedies for Wrinkles:

· Do a face scrub using various natural home available products like rose water, turmeric, and honey once a week to keep your skin soft and clean. This helps in reducing wrinkles or aging sign.

· Massage your skin using oils of flax seeds, as it is very effective in getting rid of wrinkles fast.

· A good facial massage improves blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, tones your skin, and gives a new life to the dead skins.

· Massage the wrinkles prone area for 10 to 15 minutes with the central part of the pineapple fruit, which is hard or with its fresh juice then wash your face using cold water. It slows down the aging lines.

· Lemon juice is also effective for reducing fine lines under eyes, neck, and hands. This plays an important role in minimizing the wrinkles and cleaning the skin surface.
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