Platinum Mate
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11 years ago
Life will be without GUIDE now . Dev saab will remain a icon for generations .

Be positive
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Diamond Mate
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11 years ago
Death of Dev Anand is a great loss to the film industry. Whatever he did he did with full heart. I pay my homage to this great soul...!
Platinum Mate
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11 years ago
the ultimate evergreen hero of hindi films...there cannot be a replacement for him..
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11 years ago
Yes it is a great loss of bollywood industry.We all remember Dev Anand for his good acting.
Rajani K
145 7.14k 58.4k
11 years ago
I think this year we lost many great personalities and it is very unfortunate. Dev anand will never depart from our hearts and will be alive in this world through his great movies.
934 14.7k 122.3k
11 years ago
I think actors of his generation were far more committed than the present ones and he was an inspirational figure to many.The kind of passion and hard work that went into making a legend called 'DEV ANAND' was truly awesome!
Gulshan Kumar Ajmani
Editor & Super Moderator
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11 years ago
Wahida Rehman says that Dev Sahab got himself involved too much with himself inlater years of his life.

G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

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11 years ago
I felt shock after hearing the news this is a great loss to all of us.

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Gold Boarder
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11 years ago
DevAnand was a legendary Actor and he has shown to the world that it is your heart that should not age and you should live life to the fullest,irrespective of age,you should be young by your heart and mind.
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