I have written this poem today and thought of sharing it here.

When Life Dawns On me

Hearing the chirping of birds

Looking out at a smiling baby

Holding on to the palm of the mother

Watching the first step of toddler

Listening to the first word of a child

Feeling proud of learning new things

That’s all enough

When life dawns on me

Looking at my pet

Wondering what it is thinking

Watching the tail wagging

Feeling the eagerness of chewing

That’s all enough

When life dawns on me

Finding myself lost near beach

Feeling I am so little compared to the ocean

Realizing I am enough for my own life

That’s all it takes

When life dawns on me

Feeling the hands of soul-mate

Knowing he or she will be there

Going gets tough

Watching peacefully as times passes by

That’s all enough

When life dawns on me.


I am a fiction writer, poet and blogger.

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