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The world is changed ever since the use of technology. I know we have many uses with internet like posting articles,school purposes and others. Earlier we used to see people with books in their hands in public places like metro stations,parks,cafeteria,and etc. Now we see people with smartphones in their hands. There was a drastic change in this world. Now public reading has become a shame and illiterate activity. I'm not saying that we should read only in public but rather than spending most of our time in mobiles and PC's we can encourage the habit of reading. You can read any sort of book while you are travelling and waiting for something because that's what I like to do while I'm travelling. If you are in a confusion to know about what book you can read, you can choose that book which suits you. Like for example if you like to read something comedy or horror, you are most welcome to choose that book. You need not choose a famous book. By reading a book in public, people will not find any reason point and judge you. In turn, they will praise you. Of course many of you might have observed that not even a single person is without his/her mobile in their hand. So I encourage you all that do not feel ashamed of reading in public because you have full liberty of doing what you want to do.


K. Yogita Sahiti

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