Indian education system is said to be old and outdated.Totally based on the rote learning. According to Indian Constitution free and compulsory education is provided as a fundamental right to children between the age of 6 and 14. Ratio of Public Schools to private schools in India is 7:5. India has made progress in increasing  the attainment rate of primary education.Youth literacy rate is 92% but it is paper based.

We all are aware of how broken the system of education in India.It prefer blindly memorizing whatever being taught. No need to raise questions.Exams are everything we are expected to copy whatever teacher says and whatever is written in the books. Indian education system says just score more and more by any mean whether knowledge,skill are augmented or not because marks define our lives. These type of strategies pushes them into depression and suicide.India is the youngest country in the world average age is 27. 5500 business colleges in India. Nearly 3.5 crore students studying in Universities but India is in a big scandal.

According to ASSOCHAM report 2017 93percent MBA graduates are unemployable problems with management education in India is underemployment and unemployment.Incompetent faculty in colleges. Teaching with conventional theoretical classroom based approach without case studies and projects.

India is using...

19th century content 

19th century Architecture

20th century methodology

21st century students so that their level of preparation is different from the level of their aspiration. This is concerned with well filled mind but we need well formed mind. This can be related with critical thinking, creativity,confidence. 75%attendence is a compulsionthat change the mindset of students,their target is just completion of attendence.It is all about degree.

But some companies hiring without degree

Google,IBM,Starbucks,Apple and bank of america.

Indian education system must change for the better.we need to enhance teaching standard so youth can create a better India. we should not ignore the overall performance. Schools and colleges must hire well qualified teachers with the proper training. It will play a crucial role in the overall development of the education system of India.

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