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Children and content in the present day context. How to help the child in choosing the apt one ? This is major concern of parents the world over. The following are five simple steps which can be used by the parents/grandparents caretakers  to give the right content to the child.

1) Doing : What ever you as parent do/act or react the child just copies it. Every                                actions of the grownups, be it his/her grandparents, uncles, aunts, caretaker                    or your  friends who visit you at home. 

                  The child simply copies you, so its in your hands to expose them to good                         behavior.


2) Watching/Seeing : Here we need to remember the media we use. I mean TV,                                                      Gadgets, Net connectivity and other technology in our daily use.                                        Most importantly the mobile phone.


3) Involvement / Engagement : As children we were made to do activity by our elders.                                       In such activity they were part of the activity, being involved and                                       involving us. In the course of action they taught us social                                                   behavior. 


4) Environment  : The house/place we live in, the area we reside plays a important part                                 in our child's growth. Even their school decides the future. These                                       should be the place where value of things are imbibed in the child.                                     Does that happen so?


5) Time Spent : Involvement is different from quality time with your child. Just your                                   presence does not refer to quality time spent. Playing, teaching,                                      listening, dancing and other activity with your child is Real Time Spent. 


Do we as parents follow the above simple steps ? No, with present job requirement we find no time for all the above. So with advanced technology we as parent feel, that by giving / providing all the modern gadgets and luxury our children are happy and spent time fruitfully. Its not happening so. Because gadgets are emotionless living things. They cannot imbibe the feelings a parent, grandparents or kith and kin gives which children's feel.

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