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Covid-19, Mask, Work from Home, Lockdown, Quarantine, etc!!! 

These were new words added to a common man's dictionary since 2020. A year that locked the entire world in their house. Initially many tried to stay positive but as time passed their willpower also came down.

India saw its highest rise in covid case during the second wave. Why the first wave was not this disastrous?  The answer is Indians were more conscious and concerned about their health and somewhere in their heart, they got the break they needed in life. They got time to introspect and spend time with family. The majority of the population didn't have the urge to go out since they knew the gravity of the virus. News channels also warned about various phases of covid that would hit the country. Our country accepted 1 year of online meetings, classes, work, etc. They tried to unitedly stand and fight against the virus. Doctors had a state of stress seeing a high level of patients in their hospitals. Still, they did not give up. Even in stressful times, they were ready to have sleepless nights, uncomfortable dresses, and many more struggles to save each life. 

 As time passed staying home, weights in pockets started decreasing and the level of stress started increasing. Students had exam stress and elders had income stress and the old age section had the stress of getting this deadly virus. All this pressure was captured in a single house. People started to get changes in their behavior as a result their daily routines also started to malfunction. The thirst to get "Freedom" got desperate. People started moving out and as a sign of it changes started to happen in covid case statistics. Initially, they had concerns but the more they went out more confident they became. Soon this confidence turned out to be the carelessness. India started to question the rights to celebrate various functions in the name of religion, culture, etc. Death tolls spiked. To add bitterness to the situation virus also started to mutate and showed up the deadly version of it. A country that had control over situations started to lose its grip. Doctors reached a state of panic. Even though they worked hard, patients depart leaving their loved ones behind. Doctors don't get a chance to grieve patients' death since there will be another set of patients waiting for their God to save them. Health resources started to decline and public gathering inclined. Oxygen started to be sold in cylinders and each breath of patients turned to be expensive. 

On the other side, people staying at home started to get mental pressures, anxiety, depression, etc. People complained of wearing masks. They complained of they cant stay home. In all these adversities an individual lost their own existence. 

  Asking you to stay positive will be of no point. But let's help others to become covid negative. It may be tough to stay indoors, you may have reached the saturation level. But please wait, after some time you won't even get a chance to stay indoors. In the future, you will all miss days when you think about the future. Working in a cubicle-like office would be more hectic than work-from-home. Let's give our doctors rest for a while by just staying indoors.

Stay Strong!

Stay Safe!      


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