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Imagine about a fairy tale . Now think about a prince and a Princess in your tale .I am sure that none of you have thought about a dark skinned prince or a dark skinned Princess.
Are we really living in the modern age? If we do, why the medieval barbaric term “white supremacy” still exist? The recent riots in America have made me think..do we really have the right to claim ourselves modern? It is not a problem only in America. The British could rule over our country for almost 200 years because of this white supremacy theory. Their logic was “ We are white people and the Indians are brown people. We have the responsibility to civilize these uncivilized brown people” They had this superiority complex. But we Indians also had the thought that we Indians are inferior to the white people. It exists still today. Someone can say that this kind of racist mind set can only be found in rural areas and it is the result of the lack of education. Then why in matrimonial sites can you find so many advertisements “Looking for a fair bride”. Most of them who are looking for a fair bride are well educated servicemen . So the racist mind set is not a superstition but rather a fetish. If the educated people have this kind of thought, how can we blame the uneducated people of our country? In TV channels there are also so many advertisements about beauty creams claiming that it can make you fair within 30 days or so on . In rural areas of our country it is told that it is very hard to find a groom for a dark skinned girl. A pregnant woman is asked to drink coconut water so that new born baby will be fair. Our country gave birth to a great man like mahatma Gandhi who fought for the rights of the black people in South Africa. The ideology of Mahatma Gandhi also inspired Martin Luther king, a black right activist. So why do we, the people of Mahatma Gandhi's country have this kind of racist mind set? In which manuscript it is written that white people are greater than any other race? In the past, black people had been brought to the southern part of America for slavery. They had been tortured, discriminated and treated very badly in the name of white supremacy. Hitler died in 1945. But there are so many Hitler among us still today. They and their extreme ideologies are the enemy of the whole humanity. We, humans are different from each other. Some of us are tall, some of us are short, some of us are black, some of us are white. But we all are human despite of being different with each other. We should remember that there were not two Adams, one for the white people and one for the black people. But there was only one Adam. “unity in diversity” is the ideology of India from ancient times. Today in this present scenario it is very much needed for this world to accept this ideology once again. In the pandemic crisis of covid-19 we can see that how small we humans are in front of nature. In some African countries people are dying out of Hunger, children are not getting proper education. If we want to overcome all these problems we have to fight together. So let's raise our voice all together against the discrimination in the name of race, religion and sex but not through violence. We are humans . Martin Luther king could also get the voting rights for the black people through his non violent movement. We should always remember that there is no alternative for peace. In his famous speech Martin Luther king said “I have a dream.... all men could be brothers” .Then he said that it was only the beginning of the journey towards equality.His dream has not been fulfilled till now. Today we need to remember the ideology and teachings of Gandhi and Martin Luther king once again. At last I just want to say, "let's make a beautiful world sans any barriers of discrimination"...
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