Nowadays some people believe that cats are nicer than dogs. They are comparatively cheaper than dogs and are effortless to care for. They don’t need grooming too. There are certain advantages of having a cat that you will not get from having a dog. Here are the 10 advantages of having a cat as a pet.

1.     Cats don’t take much space

Dogs take up more space than cats. Dogs love stretching out into everyone’s rooms. They need a wide area to play and exercise, to keep their stuff (toys) and a room to live a healthy and happy life.

However, cats don’t require much space to bloom. If you can meet their requirements, such as waste boxes, and diet, you can be pretty sure that they will remain happy.

2.     Cats clean themselves

Dogs love things that stink – from trash to dead animals, to dung. They love to move around in it and they need regular washing and cleaning, which can be costly if you take your dog to the groomer.

Whereas, cats clean themselves. If you want you can clean it with a brush every once in a while, and clip its nails when required. Otherwise, they do a noble job of keeping themselves clean.

3.     Cats understand personal space

Sometimes when you return home after stressful work, you may not be in the temper to play with your dog, who follows you around the residence. Cats are good for being cold and reserved. They welcome and understand the concept of private space. They don’t need your continuous attention and energy, which gives you ample chances to sit and unwind.

4.     Cats offer health benefits

Researchers say that having a cat can reduce stress and you can have a long life. Alongside this, they provide many health benefits too. Cats have soothing effects on their owners.  The purring of a cat has remedial healing capabilities on human muscles and bones.

5.     Cats keep pests out of your house

Cats are natural hunters. It is in their blood to haunt and pounce on their prey. You can have a pest-free home by having a kitty at home but you should never let your cat eat his/her prey. The scent of your cat acts as a repellent to rodents. If rodents find a hunter in the house, it will be difficult for them to enter.

6.     Cats are quieter than dogs

Dog owners must admit that constant barking is quite annoying. Dogs usually bark at a bystander, another animal or if his/her toy gets stuck under the sofa.

Whereas cats tend to be usually quiet. They do make some noise, especially at night. Meowing and purring seem to be cute. Cat owners can understand when his/her cat is asking for food or asking for a cuddle by their meowing.

7.     Kittens need less work than puppies

Both puppies and kittens need a lot of time, energy and care. They need time to accustom to a new house and a new diet. They require some primary training too.

While puppies need constant training, once kittens learn the basics of using the trash box, they can be left alone at home unendorsed.

8.     Cats lead to fewer allergies

It was found in a health study that children under the age of one who were exposed to a cat were less likely to develop allergies. This was not restrained to pet allergies, but all types of allergies. It seems that exposure of a young child to pets will not only protect them from pet allergies but also common allergies like dust mites, ragweed and grass.

9.     Cats have a long lifespan

Every pet owner knows that losing a pet is heartbreaking. Fortunately, cats have quite a long life duration. Cats have an average lifespan of twelve years, but it is not uncommon for them to live up to their early twenties.

10.  Cats are easily affordable

Adoption fees for cats and kittens are lower than that for puppies and dogs, especially when the accommodation has a major arrival of kittens. Some shelters even offer two cats at one price on pair of kittens. Cat toys are relatively cheaper than dog toys. Plenty of exercises is necessary for a dog’s health. Whereas, cats are perfectly happy sprawling, sleeping and playing with their dolls while you are at work. It is quite better to have two cats because they will keep each other amused.

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