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Like public speaking,writing is also an art that needs skills and mastery to grab attention.Many of us end up messing our answers and eventually get low grades.If we follow a few rules,I am sure,we will have a writing with effect!

In writing,we should try to achieve 6 P's which are,

1.Pleasant Appearance

2.Proper selection of subject





1.Pleasant Appearance:

* Do write legibly and without crossing out,penmanship is important.This will give a good impression on the reader/evaluator
* Try writing in paragraphs so that your writing will not look crumpled,it implies the same with speaking.
* Do keep left hand margins(preferably one inch) and try to keep a right hand one too.

2.Proper selection of subject:

In examinations and essay writing competitions, candidates are allowed to select a topic from a wide range of choices;chose the topic which you are more familiar and comfortable to write about.


* The four essential stages in the creation of an essay are:Thinking, Arranging, Writing and Rewriting
* Try carrying a rough paper with you so that you can pen down your ideas.If carrying a rough paper is not allowed(during examinations),write down your thoughts in pencil on the last page of your answer sheet.This way,we will know what are the points to be covered while writing about the topic
* Always make a plan/skeleton framework/scheme so that you will know where to keep which points.This resembles the blueprint of your essay.
* Do not sit thinking for long;get your ideas down quickly on paper
* Master the art of time management for writing.This will ensure that all ideas are written and there will not be any sort of panic or the fear of 'missed crucial points'


* Always remember the simple rule on essay writing: Introduction,Body and Conclusion.Make a good introduction,follow it up developing your subject and round off with a satisfactory conclusion.It is unwise to end abruptly in mid-air or lamely on a minor point
* Good paragraphing is vital.Unbroken long paragraphs are boring;the reader/evaluator may not get the time to read the entire paragraph


Don't mess and meddle; get your thoughts straight before you write.Be lucid and clear in your points. Perspicuity implies simplicity, brevity and precision.


* "Persuasiveness", says Sir Arthur Quille Couch,"embraces the while-not only the qualities of proportion,perspicuity,accuracy;but many other such as,harmony,order,sublimity and beauty of diction.Writing being an art and not a science,therefore personal,may be summed up under the word 'charm'"
* Use concrete and specific images and minimize the abstract and general ones
* appeal to senses of sight,sound,smell,taste and touch;use simile,metaphors and other figures of speech to stimulate the reader's imagination.
* Study the 'interest device' that attract,impress and hold the attention of the readers


1. Don't number your paragraphs and don't give too many subheadings
2. Don't use abbreviations,unless accepted forms like "Mr." ,"Dr.",etc
3. Don't write numbers in figures but in words,except for dates and large numbers
4. Don't use too many quotations
5. try to use more dynamic words
6. Don't pretend to be someone else;be yourself

Well,I know now that after reading these simple tips,every one can give a good effective articles. :laugh:

Thanks and Regards,
Swetha Shenoy :)

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Swetha Shenoy
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