Top-5 strongest character in seven deadly sins grand cross 2021 update.

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Ifwatch seven deadly sins you may know about the new season of seven deadly sins season 5.

till now there is the team of seven deadly sins says that this season was the final season after this no season of seven deadly sins release.

But the team of seven deadly sins is a collab with netmarble and release the game of 7ds which is renamed as seven deadly sins grand cross-game 

First, this game is launched in jp version which is a Japanese version after seen these many fans have requested to launch the game in an English version, so after seen this the team has decided to launch the game in the English version which is the GP version means the global version.

all right we have discussed many points of the game now let's discussed the strongest character in the game of seven deadly sins grand cross game.

1st character 

Assault meliodas 

                                  seven deadly sins assualt meliodas

As we all know that meliodas is a demon and his father was want to make meliodas the next demon king.

as in the game of seven deadly sins when the emotion of meliodas was gone to purgatory, his father locks his emotion in purgatory. and meliodas turn into assault mode, by seeing this melascula get very afraid.

Ok, that's all about the anime now let's talk about the gameplay, this is a very broken unite of the entire game I personally like this unite because whenever in the battle someone attack meliodas its give stacks to meliodas and increase the attack and defense and low the opponent attack and defense, that's whats you called the real demon son of a demon king.


2nd character 

The one escanor

                                  the one econor of seven deadly sins game

The one escanor is the 2nd strongest man or you say mortal in the series and the game technically this character have stacked in the first round of the battle so if has first one to attack the opponent this he shows no mercy to anyone but as compared to meliodas he is not more powerful then meliodas. and the ultimate move the one escanor the divine sword escanor is quite powerful.


3rd character 


                                  ban from seven deadly sins game

This bad boy ban has a defense and after his ultimate move attack, also steal the health of the opponent character and heal up with those powers and the after attack with the ultimate move, its special move hunt feast is so powerful that after his attack it's now damaged up to 100000 times damage to an opponent. no matter how are you if the ban gets his ultimate move you done bro.


4th character 


                                  merlin of seven deadly sins game

The master of all medical power award goes to mega merlin, I swear to god this lady has a separate fan base.

means the merlin has the power to remove the ultimate move from the opponent character, it freezes the opponent to attack, also she can remove the outage from all the opponent player and have chance to win and give a massive amount of hp and defense which all player wants all right at one word I can finish its the spiritual girl.


5th character


                                                             king from seven deadly sins game

The king of all fairy king was king, I know sounds confusing but this cute baby has hidden a massive amount of power inside itself what is the things he can't do mean he can do all the things that a fairy can not do or if do the can not get perfect on it so he can purify the opponent players he can revive, he can give stunt to the opponent, what else do some fairy king wants by the way up to come series the king get even more powerful that you can't even imagine.


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