Hi guys!

Laksh here.

I've been a member of Boddunan for a long time now. I have often checked on the site without logging in. Even if I logged in, I never posted anything here. Now I think I'm ready to go. At first I was doubtful if the site is alive, because I saw that the 'member of the week' wasn't updated for a long time!

However, seeing Maverick's update of moving to new software, I feel the site is still alive and has intentions to keep going on for a long time. So, I have decided I would be active here now on :)

I just hope they increase the rate of payment, though. I feel for some good articles, Rs.100 is very less :(

Anyway, I would like to know how many people are active here ::)  Come on, welcme me Boddunans :)

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