We live in a society where often we are misjudged for our actions without knowing the intentions behind those actions. The root of judging is not physical but rather psychological. According to research, we often bear two questions in mind when we meet a person for the first time-first being "Can I trust this person?"and second-"Will this person be useful to me in near future?".We humans are quite selfish rather than being selfless despite being called highly intellectual beings. The intentions are selfless but if the actions aren't right no one cares about your intentions. That's why people often tend to prefer maintaining some distance when connecting with people.Relationships are sometimes affected because it often happens that one partner misjudges the other's associate's and things get complex. This is the case with everyone that they face at some point in their life.So the question arises...how do we stop this? We can do it in a number of ways like- Stop overthinking, as it creates problems that won't happen at first place.We can also keep a growing,learning,developing attitude rather than being stubborn and reluctant.Having an optimistic approach with low expectations and maximum efforts(also smart approach) This way we can succeed through any obstacle we face in our lives.

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