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The article writing is back guys blush. It took me some time to pursue the admin but he finally agreed. The number of article has been reduced to TWO per day (it was 5 a day per member in the past) but I suggest you to write slowly (maybe 1-2 articles a week in the beginning). We all know how to submit your article her but for the benefit who have not written articles here before-

Go to your dashboard>  click at Submit Article tab and there you are. For the benefit of first timers here are some tips which you will find on the article submission editor

Copy-Paste from MS Word is strictly prohibited. Please avoid, otherwise your article will be rejected.

SO transfer your article on notepad first before submitting/posting in Boddunan. 

You must format the article inside the editor itself. Pasting formatted content from MS Word etc. is not allowed.

It means the same as I have said above

Do not include article title again in the content, you may need to resubmit your article.

It means do not use title of your article as sub heading

Do not leave blank space/empty lines on top or bottom of the article.

That means remove the space at top and bottom by deleting the extra space

If you still feel any problem contact any of the senior members by starting a thread

I hope we can bring new members to this site now!

Note- Please do not feel disappointed over the fee issue since the Google is not supporting writing sites and do not mind if you see delayed cash credit as the admin is too busy.

Thank you all once again. 


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What should India do in Maldives?

After all, it is in our immediate neighbourhood

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