No, really don't want any extra honor or acceptance at Men's day..

Already we r grappled under debts from a woman for nine months..

Remind these very simple day to day things...

The guy who got rubbed to your body at public places can be unintentional about it..

The guy who observes you at public place isn't always flushed with lust..

The guy who sent you a friend request or starts a conversation without knowing you is not always a pervert... 

Yeah, I agree with sustaining patriarchy within society which is bad, but among these, men are there who marks epitome of encouraging equality hence good exists ..

So it's a request to swipe out this thought that "All men are dogs"..

Don't bound men within emotionless ground imposing some conventional choices they should have, rather let us have our own choices and emotions since emotions are  beautiful gift by god to human..not to a gender...

Keeping these things in mind fulfills establishment of Men's day.

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