2 years ago

A high rise estimated space rock is set to shoot past the Earth at a 3,480,000-mile distance on January 11. The space rock, named Asteroid 2013 YD48 by Nasa, is greater than large ben. Nasa has arranged the space rock as a "possibly perilous item" because of its size and relative vicinity to the Earth while shooting past.


While it will miss Earth by a significant distance, Nasa arranges any space rock or comet as a Near-Earth Object (NEO) in the event that it comes nearer than 1.3au galactic units, minimal over the distance between the Earth and the Sun. One au is what might be compared to 93 million miles. Such an enormous space rock could an overwhelming assuming it collides with Earth, yet 2013 YD48 will not be close to the point of bringing on any concern.

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