Hi Everyone, as we know to live happily there is a great need for peace of mind and that can be dependent upon a person to person that what makes them happy and peaceful. so, first of all, let us talk about the major aspect or we can say the major reasons to be happy in life.

in my opinion, some of the persons are happy if they have great health and some are happy if they are rich otherwise they become sad and unhappy. but wait a minute, just think for a second what if a person has more money but do not have good health and used to ill then can we say that the money he has is enough to make him live happily in this situation, everybody will say No because there is a big reason behind the answer that is money is totally useless unless you are not in a position to use it properly to make you feel happy and not only money anything is useless for human if he has not good health to use and live every moment of his life.

But the reality is this if a person has good health and less money even then he can live more happily in comparison to that person who has an ample amount of money but not good health. So, we can say that without health everything is fade and health is everything for a human being. Now we understood the importance of good health along with we have to understand how to stay healthy and what are the benefits of exercise to stay healthy and fit and that is the real income of the life.

Benefits of exercises:-

  1.  Exercises keep us healthy and fit:- As we know daily exercise is healthy for us as well as gives us many plus points to live more and healthy. so we should exercise daily at least for 30 minutes.
  2. It keeps us active all-day:- When we exercise daily we realize that something is that which keeps us active all-day and laziness is gone away.
  3. It is useful for brain health:- Along with physical exercises, one should do mental exercises also it helps in maintaining the peace of mind and that can be done with the meditation which really gives us an awesome mental peace.
  4. It is useful to stay away from smoking:- When a person starting doing exercising he is more conscious about his diet and take care of his meal what to eat or what to leave in this way all the bad meal or habits are left impliedly while doing exercise. 
  5. It is useful to get quality sleep:- It is an implied thing that when we do hard work then obviously we need some rest and that rest is in the form of quality sleep for 7-8 hours. 
  6. It is useful to control your excessive weight:- While exercising we release an excess amount of sweat in this process the excess fat of our body is also released which helps us to reduce weight and get a proper weight.
  7. It is helpful to reduce your risk of heart disease:- Exercises helps us to maintain the blood flow which keeps us safe from these type of blood-related situations and diseases.
  8. It helps to strengthen your bones and muscles:- Exercises put pressure upon the bones and muscles which makes them strengthen by regular pressure and bending and moving situations.
  9. It helps to maintain your mood and mental peace:- When we make a routine of exercise we realize an elegant peace of mind which we have gained through the exercises which keep our mood and the mentally stable and peaceful environment around us.
  10. It helps in improving our sexual health:- Exercising is the best method to keep us fit internally as well as externally which also includes our sexual health because some of the exercises use our pelvic muscles and these pelvic muscles are responsible for the sexual health.
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