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                                                         EASY AND DELICIOUS WAY TO COOK SAMBAR RICE 


            hi friends Today I'm going to share a recipe which we make it regularly in our house but different ways you know we make rice and we make sambar different and we make visible a bath different variations we make but today I am going to share a sambar rice that is popular Arnim in telugu we call it as.

          so let's start how to make this pop char and them instead of making your rice separate and your sambar or you know pop Chadha separate we are going to make together and we are going to have it difference. this recipe I had it in a restaurant and I loved it so much then I started making in my house once in a while you know instead of making different mixing together and I was making it.

        so I thought of sharing this recipe with you so let's start first we are going to dry roast the ingredients I am NOT going to use any sambar powder I am going to make it fresh so what we are going to do we are going to dry roast some chanadal all 11 tbsp or 11 TSP you can use and some coriander seeds peppercorns and some cloves and cinnamon and we are going to add small piece of Marathi Moguand we are going to dry roast this if you want you can put some oil or ghee and you can roast it in oil also and some red chilies not too much these are the ingredients for our spiciness so don't add too much in a slow flame if you dry roast you will get an excellent flavor and it won't burn in this we are going to add very very little of methi and dry roasted and in the last we are going to add the grated coconut here I have the grated coconut we are not going to roast the coconut half a minute then we are going to switch off the flame and transfer this into a blender you can make a paste or a powder.

       because anyway we are going to add it in the sambar rice so you can make powder or a paste this is done I'm going to put this in a plate and I will rest it for some time and then I am going to make a paste in the same pan you are going to make a sambar rice now to make the sombre eyes I'm using Ghee this is for tempering how much over ghee you want to add you can add one or two teaspoons of ghee okay the ghee is nice and hot for tempering.

      but pop sure we always tempered right so add cumin seeds mustard seeds and one dry red chilli green chillies and also curry leaves lots of Curly's move away from the pan yeah this will spill on you and always click the green chilies otherwise it will splatter on you and it will burst in this we are going to ad the shallots I have it so I am using if you don't have you can you know skip also you can use a regular onion and some hing it's optional if you want you can use it otherwise it's optional some salt and also turmeric and we are going to cook this in a very very slow flip for two minutes and then we are going to add the rice and the doll and the tamarind juice and the masala.

      so this here you can see the onions are slightly cooked and you need not cook it too much because we are going to add all the ingredients and we are going to pressure cook so all the ingredients going to be mashed so if you want that way you can do or otherwise you can put the tempering in the last but I love it this way you can try this way also today I am using the broken right if you want you can use a regular rice also and in this dal cook the dal you can take equal quantities 1 cup of dal and 1 cup of rice and also Tamron juice as per sadness you can add it difference once the rice is ready in the last.

      if you want you can check the taste and then adjust the consistency add just the sadness everything you can do it in the last right now you can just add everything and pressure cook now here is the masala which we dry roasted and made into a nice powder we are going to add water you know rice is there so we need to add good amount of water because rice needs to cook you're taking one cup of rice then you need to add four cups of water including your tamarind juice so this is done now we are going to add salt so add salt as per taste mix it we are going to cover this with lid and put the vision and we are going to cook this for at least three whistles till our rice is perfectly done.

      so then after just three to four results here is our rice ready that is the sambar rice 9g smells and you know the fresh sambar powder which we made it's not the sambar powder usually I add this it's smelling so awesome he can just remove the lid add good amount of water because it's a sambar rice it should be nice juicy juicy so you can add extra water no problem I used broken rice if you want you can use a regular rice also.

      but anyway we are going to put it in a pressure cooker and we are going to cook till it is nice and mashed so instead of adding a regular rice add broken rice this is the best way dear friends nice smell little bit thin now I am going to adjust the consistency switch off the flame check the taste this is superb I can add some water I wanted little bit thin so I added little more of water somnus is perfect if you need any more of sarna's then you can add some tamarind juice also but I don't need any tamarind juice this is perfect little more of what I can add

      let it simmer for just 1 to 2 minutes and we are going to add some coriander in the last and serve the dish after simmering this for 1 minute you can see this is little bit thin now I am going to switch off the flame I'm going to add for flavoring little bit of coconut milk you can add one or two teaspoons of coconut milk to give richness and some fresh coriander you know instead of making visibility.

      but once in a while you can try this mix it and serve it I cannot wait anymore for this rice notes tasting time add the rice this usually they serve it in a nice  bowl and you need to have it take it nice and hot don't burn your mouth mmm all the ingredients are totally matched we added the shallots.

      shallots are mashed we added green chillies green chillies our match see I cannot see any shallots and green chillies if you want you can put the tempering in the last but I like it this way difference which ever way you like it you can make it but make it and feed your family fresh so that everybody will feel fresh and be healthy I hope you enjoyed this simple sambar rice if you liked it make it and also share it with your friends so that everybody can make fresh food.


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