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2 years ago

                                                                                                                       THE INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM

 The Indian education is mixture of memorising and making more and more use of the grasping power of how well do u know the art of what have you  studied yesterday the students may know a lot of things of every field and be brilliant in their work but when it comes to practically apply it it is zero. the student over here doesn't know what to do in their life until they reach their graduation and sometimes all of their entire life we are one of the most unskilled labour as per the surveys but what is the reason that in after so many years of evolution and AI inference in the world the education system has just lagged behind and not making a full use of it whereas there are example of states that have working good in the field of the education the numbers an be counted in the hands. lets talks about the reason for not performing well in the field of education. the first is the over burden on the children and huge expectation leading to the loss of interest and constantly being in the pressure environment for all of their life and not knowing the enjoyment about the study material leading to the result of studying the material only for the competition running the actual purpose behind it .we are as a nation is growing and the country whose majority of the population is youth oriented we should look forward for making the education for people more livelihood and the purpose oriented rather than marks oriented. 


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