12 years ago
I attended my first virtual class yesterday.It was a good experience.The audience consisted of telecom engineers from Hyderabad,Chennai,Delhi and the program was condcted at NSCBTTC,Kalyani.I happened to ask a question from our screen and the expert delivering the lecture gave a satisfactory reply.one of the benefits is that you get to learn from top experts.Connectivity was sort of not excellent and some interruptions disturbed to some extent.
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Rajani K
145 7.14k 58.4k
12 years ago
Congratulation for getting an oppurtunity to attend such class..must be wonderful experience. :cheer:
467 4.93k 33.8k
12 years ago
Oh!Thanks for sharing your experience here,Rajesh.Hope it was useful to you.
934 14.7k 122.3k
12 years ago
Thanks Rajesh for letting us know your experience and this post from you comes after some time!
Abid Areacode
685 10.2k 65.9k
12 years ago
It is a nice experience to attend a virtual class.I had attended many such classes.

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