Once in our college there was this very exciting band performance going on and our group of friends got so excited that we stood up on our chairs and danced like crazy. A boy who just stood in front of me on his chair lost his balance and in turn he initiated a chain reaction that lead to me falling behind with the chair I stood on and similarly the girl who stood behind me also fell. It took me some time to recover from the embarrassment and we had a good stomach aching laugh after that. :lol: You too might be having such kind of experiences. Let us share those funny moments.

Live in the present :)
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    by » 8 years ago

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    It happened during one of my morning walk session. My friend was also there with me. We have seen a man walking ahead of us. Suddenly stopped. Picked a rag on the road and started walking towards the dustbin.
    ‘See, what a great social consciousness. He picked the rag and now is going to drop it in the dustbin.’ I said with my friend
    But some other thing happened that made our jaws drop.
    The man after picking up the rag, kept his feet on the rim of the dustbin, and started polishing his shoes with the rag and thrown the rag again on the road and moved away.
    We were shocked. After recovering from the shock we had hearty laugh. What an anticlimax.

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    My funny experience is limited to me only. It was way back in engineering college days when I visited REC Calicut for an all India tournament with my north zone badminton team during Diwali. After the day’s event ended, engineering students from north living in hostels watching games invited us for Diwali celebration with them, as we were staying in campus so it was not a problem and we celebrated their way of Diwali by dancing Bhangra and locals dancing their own way. After routine feet touching of professors and heads O.Ds etc over we went back to their rooms and had lot of fun with typical Punjabi jokes.
    The last part was dinner and a full Tandoori chicken was served to each of us. I trying to manage it with fork and knife flew it all the way into the plate of another mate in front of me that was embarrassing. I tried to make situation light by saying ' Kambakht mar gaya our udna nahi choraa' the dialogue from (Ram Our Shyam) although it was not a big deal but that ruined my evening. Boys who noticed it gave a smile but mine was a funny one. :ohmy:

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    Thank you said by: Ashii

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