Many of you must have heard about the love story in which both the lovers are diagnosed with cancer , well even this story has the same thing , but what makes this story a different love story , according to me the answer will be love.

This story is about a girl name Hope Ahuja and she is diagnosed with throat cancer.

Good morning or good afternoon or evening or night whenever you are reading this my name is hope ahuja and I have been diagnosed with throat cancer a year ago. So my mom naina ahuja who gave me this name just because she love catholic culture and name and couldn't have one for herself so she decided that she will give me her child a catholic name , but here is the irony even though my name is hope , there is no hope for me to live .

So all this started a year ago when I fainted suddenly , my parents immediately took me to the hospital ,where doctors run some test and after a week we got the result of my reports ,which had clearly written on it "DIAGNOSED WITH THROAT CANCER" I was in shock ,it felt like my life was shattered my mom and dad where crying and it felt like I was in a dark place.

After a week I went back to doctors with my parents , Dr Shah told me that I can beat this cancer , just like every doctor says to a cancer patient but even Dr Shah knew that I wont survive and just after the 2 weeks of the report I got a new bestfriend name pumppusher which helps me breathe , well definitely my cancer was growing faster inside me because within 2 weeks pumppusher was with me . This cancer definitely changed my life , from being a happy bubbly girl to a people sympathizing girl , no matter wherever I go people just sympathize me and to be honest I hate that , I know I have cancer but cant people treat me like a normal person.

Well after a month I discovered a place near to my house which changes my life again.

So there is a forest near my house , and one I was upset with my parents because like everyday they were forcing me to go to some kind of therapy and I didn't wanted to go there , so in my angry mood I went to the forest actually I went a bit deep inside the forest and that's when I saw this amazing place , the forest nearby my house had an amazing lake location and being there made me feel free , it made me feel relax it was so amazing . I used to visit there everyday and the best part about it was nobody knew about that place.

Lake place was so peaceful and on the edge of the lake there was a huge tree , the amazing thing about the tree was that every month a new leaf would grew on it and the other leaves on the tree would never fall even in the autumn , so that's when I decided that I will name this tree "TREE OF LIFE"

TO BE CONTINUE..............

I was having fun in life, even though I was going to die but still I was having fun going to my new best friend "tree of life" I used to visit there each and everyday it was so much fun to go away and have some peaceful time for myself, but suddenly one day my school friend gave a stupid idea to my mom and dad , actually there was a cancer patients therapist near her house and many cancer patient came there and she told my parents that even I should visit and my parents forced to me go there , I was not at all happy but I had to go.

So I was ready to have the most boring session therapist session of my life to be honest I hated each and everyone who came there , so the session was of one hour but I told my mom that it is going to be of two hours , the reason I lied to her is because I wanted to go to that tree , so everyday after the boring session I used to visit the tree and it was so peaceful being away from the humans.

to be continued.........

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