I am a newbie

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Hello all,iam a very new memeber here,joined just now and feeling very out of place here.Will anyone be my friend, and tell me how to learn and earn here.
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  • Re: I am a newbie

    by » 11 years ago

    Hello Mam,
    Welcome to Boddunan.

    Please go through the following links to know more about this website:


    To know more about how you will get benefited from this site,Read the articles below:




    Thank You.

    Pankaj Gupta

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    by » 11 years ago

    Hi Shiwangipeswani,

    Welcome to boddunan. Please feel free to post any of your queries here and all boddunan members are more than happy to assist you.

    Please read the forum guidelines, article & weblink submision guidelines mentioned by Pankaj. Hope you will become a senior member in another month and guide the new members over here :) .

    - Maverick

    When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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    by » 11 years ago

    Hi Shiwangipeswani,
    You can earn in boddunan by posting articles and participating in contests.

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    by » 11 years ago

    Hello Shiwangi Peswani,

    Welcome to Boddunan.com. Don't feel out of place. You have come to a pleasant world. keep browsing right from the home page to all the pages and I am sure that you will learn everything about what all you need to do for making a pleasant stay here.

    For quick guidelines please follow the following link:


    - Harish Jharia

    Harish Jharia

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