I am just like any regular person with a regular human body or maybe I am an alien hidden inside a human body..who knows that😅. What I find strange in me are my polar opposites hobbies.

I love books like they were alive and I am a proud bookworm.Beside that strangely I love to dance.Dancer and readers are usually poles apart but for me I will breath my last breath with eithier reading or dancing and I wish I can do both.Till then I am happy to be a new member of this awesome community.🙆🏻

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1. I love to play video games.

 I have been playing video games since I was a kid. My favorite game series is Mario Bros., Super Smash Brothers, and Pokemon. I also enjoy playing sports like football, basketball, soccer, and baseball.

 2. I love to read books.

 I am always reading something. I love to read biographies, autobiographies, and non-fiction books about different topics. I also like to read fiction novels.

 3. I love to draw.

 I have been drawing ever since I could remember. I love to draw portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. I also like to sketch out ideas for future projects.

 4. I love to cook.

 I love cooking! I love making food look good and tasting delicious. I also love baking.

 5. I love to write.

 I have been writing poems, short stories, and essays since I was young. I love to write down my thoughts and feelings.

 6. I love to paint.

 I started painting at age 10. I love painting landscapes, animals, and people. I also like to do abstract art.

 7. I love to sing.

 I love singing! I love listening to music and performing songs. I also like to dance.

Since a relationship with a polar opposite takes you away from your likes and hobbies, you'll have to give up some more time and attention to the things they ..

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