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Every application developer wants their application to acquire featured on Application Store before huge figures of individuals. However, there’re more than 1,600 apps being published for the iTunes Application Store each day. So that it becomes a very common problem for application developers to obtain their application into featured list. What application would Apple prefer to boost the featured list? While it may be difficult, it’s attainable. Ideas provide you with some tips to help to acquire your iOS application featured on Application Store.


1. Use Latest iOS Features


Develop the application with new technology adopted by Apple, new APIs and 3D games. Capabilities will give you many new users and acquire more attention from Apple.


2. Make your Application Universal


If you want to obtain the application featured, you’d better ensure the application works together with all iOS products. A great advantage for developers to enhance application downloads from worldwide.


3. Localize the application


Ensure to localize the application in countries and languages the application supports. Because application localization is the method of adapting the application to specific language and culture, which assists to enhance application ranking while growing maximum downloads on mobile phones.


4. Produce a Unique Application(Visual Design)


You don't just design a greater-quality application that serves users needs but furthermore design a unique application to help the application stand out off their competitors and obtain more users. Apple designs their apps unique & appealing that's the reason it'll get numerous users. So your application will require an excellent functionality and style, which assists to acquire the application featured.


5. Application Store Optimization (ASO)


application store optimization Why is application store optimization vital that you obtain the application featured on Application Store? Application store optimization allows you to enhance your application ranking, be looked and known by more potential users. It is possible readily available following aspects.


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