I just noticed that Boddunan offers a Rs.5 reward for posting weblinks to articles. Personally speaking, this should be stopped immediately. Otherwise, some serious internet marketer can take massive advantage of it.

Infact, this is the most lucrative pay for backlinks. I can write 1 article and create 1000's of backlinks for them with the paid software I use and the virtual assistants that I pay for to create backlinks. Imagine paying me 5000 a month for backlinks. And trust me they wont be spammy at all. All backlinks from PR5 and above site.

Anyways, I have no intention to make use of this lucrative offer(as of now) ;). I am just saying that this revenue can be best utilized elsewhere.

Anyways, as usual just my 2 cents. Let me know what you think!!
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  • Re: Maverick Can We Stop The Reward For Posting Weblinks

    by » 11 years ago

    You must have missed the terms and conditions:

    1. Max 5 per domain (such as Yahoo Answers etc)
    2. No new blogs or url share websites etc.

    So spamming is taken care of. And the credits are not automatically given, they are reviewed once the weblink is posted and it is passed 15 days. So any spam link will be deleted within that period.

    When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

  • Re: Maverick Can We Stop The Reward For Posting Weblinks

    by » 11 years ago

    Maverick, I was not worried of spam links at all, as I trust your capabilities and I knew you would certainly have taken care of that.

    What I was pointing out that rupees 5 is too much for a backlink and some serious marketer may make a fortune. As said earlier in my previous post, all links would be genuinine..no spam at all.

    As of today, I have 17 sites, all hosted on different cpanel and have 162 client sites which I can use at will. so that makes 179 links to my article and will gross me 179 multiply by 5 = 895 rupees instantly.

    Also, there exists many article backlink softwares which publish your article with links on different websites (For example, linkvana, socialmonkee etc).

    These softwares can make 1000 of anchortext backlinks for articles in few months.

    Also, why pay for links posted to yahoo answers. Those links are nofollow and are not counted by google when determining rankings for articles.

    Anyways, was just a suggestion. There is nothing wrong with it. Infact, should you wish to continue with the same, you may see me publishing my first article soon. ;)

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