I have browsed through some topics in the forums which were about a year old. And I found out that there were topics about one year where members had asked questions about the articles getting approved? I have uploaded my article about 2 days back and still there's no word on it. When you are working on a site that you run on a professional level, you have to give a feedback at the earliest. That's how new writers like me will want to keep coming back here.
Secondly, on the account's page you say that "Your profile is 30% complete. Add a photo or avatar to get to 70%." How easy it would have been to put a link to "Add a photo or avatar to get to 70%". It would have been user friendly by a mile. It was really hard to find the link. Or it was that I couldn't find it. But through a layman's eye, putting the link "Add a photo or avatar to get to 70%" would have made a lot of sense.
One more thing about the avatar. As a user, I expect your editors to have their real images and not that of kids. It really brings the overall quality of the site down. Please don't mind it.
I was looking for a site I could use for faster article upload and so faster payments. I was looking for sites that pays upfront for articles and someone suggested me this site. But if it's taking so long to approve an article, I fear this may not be the place for me.
I just would like to know from you, (and I know you are not answerable to anyone), why new writers like us should choose boddunan. Please don't mind anything and take it sportingly. After all, this is the suggestion box and we got the license to speak our thoughts.
Abhijit Bangal
PS. For now, I will be uploading the current article on a different site. So please don't approve it. I have been waiting for the article to get approved or even rejected - the feedback - and the wait is killing me. But I will certainly come back here, in case you let me in after reading all this.
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