Have your brain cells ever involved in the jam of significant thoughts to ponder about the most astute and beautiful creation of God?

Well, if consulted me my sophisticated mind will reflect humans as the absolute creation of Almighty.Considering those numerous snippets and the flawless realistism we have constantly given born to humanity on our soil !!

Our EYES hold the stock of love, sympathy and compassion. Our TONGUE faultlessly expresses the pure feelings of the core of our heart. Our SHOULDERS are always ready to lift the hopeless mortal. Our HANDS always sacrifice to hold, feed, care and aid the deprived.Our HEART is always ready to part with its blood to save the person hanging in the" Well of Death ". A mother's womb nurtures a foetus. Our EARS hold the innumerable myths and utter sacrifices done till date. Our ARMS generate a feeling of comfortness and satisfaction. Our LEGS tirelessely halts to the needy who really stands for some help. Lastly; our LAP is always set to solace someone!!


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Hot many hours you remain online on a given day?

A part of our time everyday is spent being online with our computer and within this given time we do different types of activities like opening our mail boxes, playing online games, chatting etc. So the question is regarding how much time you spend being online on a given day?
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