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I would like to suggest some features for this growing community.
1. Can we have top member list according to their points, cash credits, active .
2. Can we have a rank of a user according to his points earned.
3. Please include if any payments are done to any member.(this will help the new members to have faith in this community).
4. And please don't allow the article author to rate his own article( it's obvious that the author will give 5 stars to his own articles, i know till now the rating is not important but the new users get a wrong impression).

Please give your views on these suggestions.

Atul Barapatre :)
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  • Re: Few features suggestions.

    by » 11 years ago

    Hi Atul,

    Thank you for your good suggestions. In fact we are improving our site functionality day by day. Your suggestions will help us improving the site.

    We do have the top member list but not enabled to accommodate all features cash credits at a single place. This week we are planning to release all new Web Links submission component which will enable the users not only to submit but also can view and know their links and cash credits awarded.

    We are capturing the points data in order to place a ranking system on top of it. We are working hard on this feature and will incorporate once we have developed it in good shape.

    Since we are including the web links component, users can now view the cash credits awarded for them, and anyway cash credits awarded to the articles is already existing. However, we would take some time in displaying the referral bonus and MoM cash credits as we are still working on them.

    We will revamp the entire rating system as it is not caters to our needs.

    Thank you,

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  • Re: Few features suggestions.

    by » 2 years ago

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