• can anyone say better methods to relieve from stress and depression?

    due to the modernisation and accustomed with citylife many are facing the problems of depression.

    so. friends give suggestions to relieve from stress which you are following.

  • Isn't it better to be a leader than a follower ?

     Leadership makes you strong!When you are a leader you have to face so many problems meanwhile, it makes you more strong.                        

  • The Making of a Stronger You

    It's funny that when a software is improvised the version needs to be changed. For example if it is SW then it become SW 1.2 or SW 2.0 and so on. And as time goes by it needs to be upgraded even though the change is so minor yet improvisation changes the version

  • Your First Job- Check Out Your Priorities

    Got a job – Now what next? 

    I am sure this could be true for government jobs however, people having big dreams never quit their efforts, government or private but there are very few in government sector, (sorry, but true).